Toddler Art Preservation

I typically like to purge things. Like everything. In fact I recently learned (20 minutes ago) that one of my purging binges cost me a tax bill. On a side note how about you email those suckers….

I am guilty of being that mother who saves all the art work that come home.

It makes me nervous that I will one day be my mother-in-law, and hand my child and her spouse a LARGE box of all school related items (book reports, report cards, etc). It happened, we were living in an apartment in Hoboken and had to store towels in the kitchen closet, that is how little space we had….so having a book report on the Great State of NJ from 4th grade made good sense.

Back to the here and now.

Since I can’t part with them ( my daughter’s works) just yet, and she is not even dating I came to terms with a new system, that makes me feel less like a crazy Irish biddy hoarder.

I save a “sample” of her work for the year. Basically I kept the seasonal items and things that strike me as cute. I use an inexpensive scrapbook from a craft store and I just slide the items in each page between the plastic cover.

I also included the class picture for the year, since I never know what one does with those.

So when all is said and done I will have 14 scrapbooks to pass along when she gets her first house !!!

Not so much. I will do a purge every few years and combine books. Plus I hope they are not crafting in high school Algebra.

My daughter loves looking at her “Art Book” and it has proven to be a great jump start to talk about the upcoming school year. She was totally beginning to think we were going to be sleeping late and playing all day as our new career.



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