I am your typical working mother who tries to do it all…and 9 times out of 10 falls just short (but only I know that so it is OK…right?).   I think that being a Mom is 100 times harder than I thought (and I thought it was going to be hard) and it is one million times BETTER than I thought too!

Social media has become this great way to bond strangers in common situations together to laugh and trade war stories!  So I took the advice of my friends who find me entertaining and decided to give it a go.  I am happy to share my Pinterest Projects which typically turn into my Pinterest Problems, my quick fixes for dinner (which often includes ordering out or Sandra Lee-esque Semi Homemade), and the hysterics that are my life.

This new little project will be full of humor and insight (and perhaps some sarcasm).  Join me and my little loves (husband, daughter, and dog) as we take on LIFE.

PS-Full disclosure…we are from NJ.   I know how everyone feels about NJ, so I hope that is not a game changer for anyone.  I promise my accent only comes out when I “get my Irish up” (2 to 3 times a day at best).   Perhaps after reading about our lives you will see that we are all not crazy, tan, big haired, creatures!   I do love  Springsteen, Pizza, the Shore, and accessories that I have no business owning, but I swear I am still a normal person.  Just don’t ask my husband if I am normal…


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