Snack Mix: Yummy and Totally Not Healthy

Writing about the dessert that I made at the request of my nephew, got me thinking about the snack mix that I used to make for him before we would go on long car adventures.

So I decided to have a little post nap project with my little love and make some with her.

This is 100% kid friendly to make. I try and be as organic as possible when it comes to our snacks and meals…but I figured once you add M&M’s what is really the point?

The nice thing is there is no measuring. This is perfect for little hands as they just dump each box into a big bowl.

We used: Fruity Cheerios, Choc Chip Teddy Grams, Whole Grain Goldfish, Small Pretzels ( we used kid shaped), and M&M’s.

As I mentioned not healthy but yummy and totally fun to make with a little person.

We put it in ziplock bags for portion control serving. Perfect to bring to a play date or the local pool. Makes a ton so you can share.